Original Guitar Fingers   ® and Gloves

- Will form fit your hand with breathable material for unobstructed guitar playing and clean execution.

- Guitar fingers and gloves come in a wide array of sizes and different colours to express various moods and tastes . 

- Each glove is thumbless and available in 3 weights, light, medium and heavy. The heavier the weight, the more finger protection.

- Original Guitar Fingers ®  come in light weight and heavy weight only.

- Newer guitar players may prefer the lighter weight glove or guitar fingers.

-Advanced guitar players may prefer the heavier weight glove or guitar fingers which will provide  better finger protection for aggressive playing, ie. bends, pull offs and slides.

Protect Your Fingers.
Original Guitar Fingers ® wrap your fingers in form fitted, flexible and breathable finger protection while you play your guitar as normal but without all of the finger pain and soreness. 

Guitar Fingers price is $10.95
 for light weight or heavy weight. Both variations include two sets of 4 Original Guitar Fingers   ®
Glove price is $12.95  for light weight and $14.95 for medium or heavy weight.

         All prices are in Canadian Dollars.

Playing guitar with green Guitar Fingers
Playing guitar with red Guitar Glove
Playing guitar with red Guitar Fingers
Playing guitar with blue Guitar Glove
Playing guitar with blue Guitar Fingers
Playing guitar with purple Guitar Fingers
Playing guitar with orange Guitar Fingers

Original Guitar Fingers ®

World Wide Shipping $6.95 for your entire order

Flexible, breathable, form fitted finger protection that cushions the tips of your fingers while you play guitar.