Selection of comments sent to us by customers. Comments have been edited for brevity. Commenters are identified only by first names and location.

You guys are amazing! Thank you. My second order, and I can honestly say I’m happy with the product, and the service. I will be back for more gloves down the road, and will absolutely be recommending you to friends and local music stores!! Take care!

– Adam from Kingston, Ontario

I have and will definitely continue to recommend you to others! You guys make an awesome product. I couldn’t play nearly as much as I do without them.

– Adam from Kingston, Ontario

The package with order #[****] arrived yesterday.

Your products are amazing!

– Chiharu from New York, NY

I developed psoriasis on my hands about four or five years ago. The picks provide sufficient protection for my right hand but I need the glove on my left. It’s made by a Canadian company called Original Guitar Fingers

– Leon from Avon, UK

Hi, this is my second order – love them! I’m a professional banjo player here in the UK and a columnist for Acoustic Magazine. Very positive review of your gloves in the pipeline.

– Leon from Avon, UK

I wanted to say thank you for providing this product. I wouldn’t be able to play bass/guitar without them due to my severe nickel and cobalt allergies. These gloves fit me perfectly and are made so well. I’ll be ordering regularly

– Michael from Calgary Alberta

Thanks for the email Sally.

First off-the guitar glove is THE greatest product!! I use it daily!

– Mike from Beach Lake, PA

So far I like it much better than your biggest competitor’s glove.

– Patrick from GLENDALE, AZ

I love your gloves

Thank you

– Pierre from Québec, Québec

Hi! I am so excited to try out the original guitar fingers and gloves. My hands are in awful shape and rehearsal is just a nightmare. If these work out the way I believe they will I shall order several sets. Anyway, looking forward to receiving these. The YouTube videos I watched were the ones that convinced me.

– Michael from Morganton, NC

I love your product! It’s now almost 9 months that I’m playing guitar again as a result of your guitar gloves. Thank you very much.

– Christopher from Westville Nova Scotia

It’s not often I find a product worth writing a recommendation for, but in this case I feel it’s well worth it.

This glove is absolutely Amazing.

I got it in the mail yesterday, played with it on for probable 4 to 5 hrs last night. It took about an hour to get used to it being there, after about 2 hours I can’t imagine playing a guitar without it anymore.

A couple of things that really stand out to me besides just the comfort to the finger tips.

*The craftsmanship is remarkable. This product sets a whole new standard for “Fits like a Glove”.

* After several hrs of playing there is ZERO ware showing on the finger tips. These things are durable.

* The material has a bit of a slick feel to it on the strings. I was used to using a certain amount of pressure/force for my hand and fingers to slide across frets, but now the glove kinda does if for me. I had to learn to let go of some of the effort I was using to slide from one position to another. It’s easier to play the thing. And I didn’t feel that I lost ANY of the sensitivity, or the feel of the string on my fingertip through the glove. It feels like your skin against the string.

* I put brand new strings on before starting to play last night. Normally, after several hours of playing on new strings they usually have that oxidized look starting to form, and after a couple of days they need replaced. The strings I put on yesterday look like I just put them on this morning. They still look and sound brand new. The glove keeps the skin oils off the strings. It will be interesting to see how long they can go without getting corrosive skin oils on the strings. I still see it down at the bridge where my right hand sits on the strings. Gonna need a right hand fingerless version with the same material to complete the set with right hand function to help keep strings longer  : )) I bet the material would take controlling your right hand on the strings to a whole new level.

I simply can’t find a negative thing to say about this glove. You guys nailed it on this one! : )

– Randall from Rio Vista, Ca.

Hi I ordered a guitar glove from you a while back, would just like to say that it has helped me massively and I’m very happy with it. I’m looking to order another 2 possibly and wondering if there is any discount for multiple orders. Cheers

– Danielle from Coatbridge, North Lanarkshire, UK

I placed an order for 2 just now. These gloves are amazing, I’ve not been able to play properly for years and the gloves are really helping protect my hands so my hands don’t get cut, which allows me to get playing every day. Very happy and will be buying a few every couple of months, please never stop making these haha. thanks again

– Danielle from Coatbridge, North Lanarkshire, UK

Thank you.  I also have been told that I have a cobalt allergy, but that is just a guess, as to my fingertip issues. Anyway, your gloves have saved my sanity.

–Bob from Oakland, CA

I have one of these gloves. Guitar is a very big part of my life, I was faced with contact eczema some time ago and your product gave Me the ability to keep playing … not sure what I would do. That said I still get a reaction even with the glove as my fingers likely sweat through the material. In any case, it’s impossible for me to play without as my fingers will split and bleed within minutes. I can play gig after gig with little damage ! Thanks so much.

-Mike from Port Elgin, Ontario

I just wanted to thank you for these awesome gloves. I wore the first one I ordered from you every night of the Texas State Fair playing for two or three hours 24 nights straight. The glove really saved my fingers and allowed me to play flawlessly every night even when my hands were sweaty. It held up pretty well too but the ends are starting to fray on a few fingers so this is my replacement and the other is a gift for a band member. Everyone in the band wants one now. More orders coming soon!

-Jamie from Hurst, TX

Hi, Andrew again.  I received my glove today.  It is awesome.  I have a spinal cord injury and my finger tips hurt and are numb, but now I am back to playing my guitar.  I will spread good word about your product.   Thank you so much

-Andrew from DuBois, PA

I got my glove and I love it!!!!

I’m playing an acoustic guitar and the glove is getting grungy from the strings. Do I simply wash the glove in cold water with a bit of dish soap?

Thanks again,

– Chris from Westville Nova Scotia

(Answer: Yes. Hand wash them and hang to dry)

Thank you soooo much!

I thought I had completely lost the opportunity to try the glove!!

I realize it was a mistake on my part and wholeheartedly appreciate the re-mailing!

If there was a way to rate your customer service, rest assured that it would be a 10/10.

Thanks again!!

– Manuel from Stafford, TX

These are wonderful, and I’ll likely end up ordering different weights as well!

– Jackie from North Fort Myers, FL

Sore fingers from learning to push down the strings playing guitar is a frequent complaint from students that I can definitely relate to. I’ve been playing guitar since I started my Music Therapy training eight years ago and only have formed callus’s adequate enough to resist pain when playing over the past six months. Even now a few days of plentiful playing can leave my fingers sensitive.
I have found Guitar Fingers to be useful when practicing to minimize discomfort and would definitely recommend them for guitar students commencing their new music lessons term. It’s difficult to enjoy a pastime when you’re uncomfortable.

– Maria from Killorglin, Kerry Ireland

I’ve been using your product now for over a year. I suffer from from pretty bad eczema on my hands, and unfortunately when I play guitar it really exacerbates it. These gloves keep my hands in playing condition and I love them. I shred them up after a few months because I play really thick strings, but I’ll keep buying them time and time again. Thank you for making a quality product and please never stop!


  • Great product • I’m disabled  and wasn’t forming callouses anymore so I wanted to quit playing.
  • I’m back playing and played at the VA in Albuquerque, New Mexico yesterday for two hours • a real blessing!!!  See the Attached!!!
  • THANK you so much for your wonderful product.

– Phil from Albuquerque NM

Your product is the only thing that makes me keep playing because of my bad eczema. Thank you for developing it and for keeping it available. I’ll be your costumer for the rest of my artistic life. Please let me know if you ever consider not to sell these anymore.

-Victor from Brasília Brazil

Wow, thank you again for everything she loves the glove and said it helps a lot.

– Scott from Virginia Beach, VA