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It began with finger pain.

As a casual guitar player I was  continually bothered by aching pain in my fingertips. We tested several kinds of protection materials. Eventually through extensive experimentation product testing and some inspired sparks of invention we developed an amazing innovative product line that has remedied the hurting and pain problem and actually can help improve the playing technique  of guitar players.

In 2010 we opened for business expecting that most of the users would be beginners and casual players but then, established professional guitar players also began using our Original Guitar Fingers and Original Guitar Gloves and not just for practice. They began using them for studio sessions and live performance. Here are a set of links where you can view a group of selected professional performers using these products in performance.

Please enjoy these selections. There are over 30 different videos here to demonstrate our gloves and guitar fingers being used in several different musical genres including heavy metal, rock, blue grass, the blues and more.

These video performances by an international cast of professional musicians are convincing testimonials for the quality, durability and usefulness of these products.

Performance Videos and Links of Interest

Many thanks to all of the performers and to all the Other contributors to this page.
Rob Sef Live

Rob Sef performing Live at The Dugout down town Windsor (heavy weight Guitar Fingers)

Victor Bicudo Live

Victor Bicudo ~ Vontana - Ladrão de Sonhos ( Fã-Clipe) Live at O’ Rilley Pub in Brasília (heavy weight Original Guitar Glove)


Willie Carrero ~ Love is You (mid weight Guitar Glove)

Leon Hunt orange guiitar glove

Leon Hunt ~ Chilly Winds (light weight Guitar Glove)

Chris Long Performs Time

Chris Long ~ Time (light weight Guitar Glove)

Chris Long Live

Chris Long Live ~ Numb (light weight Guitar Glove)

Chris Long Live

Chris Long ~ Riders in the Sky (light weight Guitar Glove)

Leon Hunt Banjo Master

Leon Hunt performs, Scrapple From The Apple, (light weight Original Guitar Glove)

Mike Bosi Playing Guitar Glove

Performance Video by Mike Bosi, IMG 7902, (heavy weight Original Guitar Glove)

Eric Mulvaine Live Guitar Glove

Eric Mulvaine (bass) ~ Images of Eden - Live - Harvest Day (heavy weight Original Guitar Glove)

Phil Oliviera Live

Phil Oliveira ~ High Desert Blues Band Live at Sand Bar in Albuquerque (mid weight Guitar Glove)

Barrett Ogden Bass Guitar Player

Barrett Ogden (bass) ~ Intra-Venus & the Cosmonauts, (heavy weight Original Guitar Glove)

Victor Bicudo Plays Guitar

Victor Bicudo ~ Vontana - Que país é esse (cover) | 1° EnsaioWEB (heavy weight Original Guitar Glove)

Rob Sef Wearing Guitar Fingers

Featuring Rob Sef - Glenn Gray - Willie Carrero

View Many More Demonstration Videos Performed by Professional Guitar Players in Several Different Musical Styles

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