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Improve Performance and Technique
While You Protect Your Fingers

Beginners or Casual Guitar Players
-learning to play guitar is easier & more pleasurable without the pain experienced when not using finger protection.

- Its no longer necessary for calluses to form to enjoy guitar playing.

-Playing chords and individual notes are easier because you can apply greater pressure on the guitar strings to give you clear tones without the discomfort.

-Start performing more advanced techniques sooner such as bends and pull offs with far less discomfort.

-Make the eventual transition from tender fingers to calluses without the level of sore finger pain associated with unprotected fingers on steel guitar strings. With regular practice over time finger tips will still toughen up.

Experienced Guitar Players

-Take your guitar playing to a higher level with enhanced capabilities for performing aggressive slides, bends and pull offs.

-Longer practice sessions without the soreness or discomfort associated with repetitive bending and pull offs on steel strings.

-Return to guitar playing aggressively after a leave of absence has reduced your calluses.


Original Guitar Fingers and gloves provide comfort and protect your fingers from abrasion that can result in painful blisters, cracked skin and open sores caused by excessive playing of string instruments like a guitar, banjo or sitar. In the past musicians had to endure the pain and discomfort, until gradually the tips of the fingers would toughen over time with increased guitar practice. Our guitar fingers and gloves are a solution for new or casual guitar player's problem with sore or painful fingers. You need to practice to become a good guitar player to develop your playing skills and to toughen your tender finger tips to endure the continuous pressure, due to manipulating the strings of your guitar with your finger tips. To cope with this finger pain the skin gradually becomes irritated and as this heals the finger tips become callused.

You have to keep up with your guitar practice or the calluses on your finger tips will soften, resulting in hurting and pain when you start to play guitar or practice in the future.

Our guitar fingers and gloves protect your finger tips from these problems, so that you can play a little or a lot and not get sore and blistered finger tips, like you would if you played your guitar with bare unprotected fingers. Calluses will eventually develop on your fingers when using Original Guitar Fingers and gloves but it will happen more gradually over time and it will not hurt your fingers like you might expect, if you were to play your guitar with bare fingers. Guitar fingers and gloves are a safe non chemical solution. Some people put crazy glue on their finger tips. Others recommend suture glue. Long term use of the topical skin adhesive, cyanoacrylate (suture glue) may result in localized sensitization or irritation reactions. (1 Skin sensitization is an allergic reaction to a particular irritant that results in the development of skin inflammation and itchiness. Unlike skin irritation, the skin becomes increasingly reactive to the sensitizing substance as a result of subsequent exposures.

Still other finger protectors made from silicon will not slide on the guitar strings and this means that the user cannot play the guitar in a natural unobstructed fashion. Those finger protectors and other plastic or rubber finger protectors do not provide breathability, so the fingers will become sweaty and uncomfortable after a short time. 

1) http://www.tissueseal.com/HTA_PI.pdf

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Flexible, breathable, form fitted finger protection that cushions the tips of your fingers while you play guitar .